Election Candidates

Independents for London MEP constituency

Daze Aghaji

I’m a 19 year student from London currently studying History and Politics at Goldsmiths University. My main aim in life is to create change and inspire a generation to realise politics is for all people and ensure everyone feels empowered through democracy. I am passionate about understanding how the world works and finding ways to make it better for everyone.

Claudia McDowell

I’m 21 years old and I’m running as a Climate and Ecological Emergency independent with the interest of every individual and living being in my mind and heart. We must act now to reduce the devastating impact of climate breakdown – this is a mission I have dedicated my voice to. I am running now because we have no time to lose.

Henry Muss BSc, MSc.

I took part in the rebellion out of love and despair, love for this planet, love for my children and love of life. After 20 years working in the field of climate change and being part of a system that doesn’t want to hear the truth, I’m now honoured to be in a position to help shape a new type of politics, a new discussion.
Our house is on fire 

We must stop burning fossil fuels and restore nature.

I studied Zoology at University and after 15 years in the field of carbon management, the last 5 years have been spent working for the Public Health team at London borough. I set up borough wide programmes to tackle obesity and mental health through subsidised fitness classes and cook and eat courses on 30 council estates. I have practiced yoga for 20 years , have two bicycles and am also an 80sDJ.

Andrew Medhurst

I have worked in financial services (HSBC, Lloyds Bank) for over 30 years including secondments to Hong Kong, Tokyo and Bangkok. In January 2019 I resigned from NEST Pensions because helping to build long term financial products for a world facing a climate and ecological catastrophe didn’t seem like a productive use of time. I have been a full-time volunteer with Extinction Rebellion since then, I’m married with two grown-up children and live in Wandsworth, SW London.

Zoe Lafferty

I am a theatre director who has had productions performed in leading theatres in Britain and world-wide including at the Young Vic, Schaubühne and New York Skirball. My work has taken me from the wars in Afghanistan and Yemen, to the occupation in Palestine, humanitarian crises in Lebanon and Haiti, the refugee crisis in Europe, the Syrian revolution and working at the heart of some of the most pressing issues in the UK. I have worked for the Freedom Theatre Palestine for over nine years, I was a director on attachment at The Old Vic as part of the OldVic12 and was named one of Vogue’s Major Players of British Theatre and Vanity Fair’s 14 British Theatre Talents Ready to Break Out.

Roger Hallam

I have been an organic farmer for 20 years and now I research designing radical political change at King’s College London. I have helped organise many grassroots campaigns in London, including the city’s first successful rent strike, and fossil fuel divestment actions. I am the co- founder of Extinction Rebellion and was a strategic coordinator for the recent April mass civil disobedience in the capital.

Kofi Mawuli Klu

I am a Jurisconsult in self-employment as an Eco-Pedagogy Global Citizenship Educationist, researcher and Pan-Afrikan Community Advocate for Global Justice, with specialisation in Ubuntunkonso Grassroots People-to-Peoples’ Internationalist Solidarity and Groundup Diplomacy Action Learning. My roles in various community-based organisations, networks and campaigns include serving currently as the Chief Executive Commissioner of the Uequipoise-Panafriindaba Educonnexions, the Co-Vice-Chair of the Stop the Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide Campaign (SMWeCGEC) and the Joint International Coordinator of the Global Justice Forum (GJF). I am also the Co-Chair of Brixtonics@Brixton.

Independents for South West MEP constituency

Dr. Larch Maxey LLB., MSc., Ph.D.

I have been taking peaceful direct action on the climate and ecological emergency for 30 years. I have co-founded 40 organisations to address this crisis, including the No M65! direct action camp and Lammas Ecovillage. I have written 50 academic and popular publications and I am devoted to serving the benefit of all.

Mothiur Rahman

I am a non-practising solicitor whose inner drive is to help create more vibrant ways of living that bring out the full potential of human creativity and care, to help shape meaningful lives. I co-founded the Community Chartering Network to promote a community-led and participatory approach to planning and democratic decision-making, as well as setting up a legal innovation lab called New Economy Law before helping with the Extinction Rebellion movement.