CEE The Truth

Independent Candidates Collective Standpoint

The Climate and Ecological Emergency results from a broken political system, among other things. Our CEE the Truth Campaign highlights examples not only of corruption and injustice, but also diverse forms of resistance taking place in communities. We aim to facilitate the self-empowerment and interconnectedness of communities to rise up together and take non-violent direct action for truly participatory democratic change around issues that affect them.

The fight for Environmental Justice has been going on for hundreds of years all over the World. We are only amplifying in Europe the voices of all communities that have been rising in various forms of rebellion in defence of themselves and all life.

We uphold intersectionality and Equity for all and are striving, with a Global Justice Internationalist vision of Planet Repairs in its holistic Reparations meaning, to act in accordance with such principles through our diversity, including race, class, age and gender. By this we mean the best values of all Humanity, which shall determine the necessary solutions to the problems arising from the interconnections between various inequalities, will guide us in facilitating change making in such way as to ensure Equity for all; ensuring that the harms being done to peoples, species and to the Earth as a whole, are stopped for transformative redress that will safeguard all life and enable all communities to secure the Justice they deserve in order to make the World a better home for all.

We ask you to support, promote and advance our common cause by joining us in this time of Climate and Ecological Emergency to create diverse rebellious actions of your own. Time is of essence so let us all act together now.

This round of EU parliamentary elections is something we did not know for sure will include our participation here in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, we can ensure it serves as the opportunity for highlighting and advancing rebellion on all the issues of life that matter to us. Such that, by so doing, we all together become the real Change for the better we want in order to effectively safeguard the planet and secure for future generations all life in its biodiversity forever on Earth.

For these reasons our three core demands are:

1. The Council of Ministers and the European Parliament must tell the truth and take action to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

2. The Declaration on a Climate and Ecological Emergency must demand a zero carbon Europe by a date no later than 2030.

3. National Citizens Assemblies on Climate & Ecological Justice must be instituted to oversee policy making, including those of Planet Repairs embracing Reparations, and have a leading role in shaping a zero carbon Europe.