Standing up for the climate and natural world

We are candidates standing as independents in the upcoming MEP elections. The Climate & Ecological Emergency Independents are inspired by the Youth Strikes 4 Climate, Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion movement.  Their collective actions have created a shift in public awareness around the need to urgently act on the climate emergency.

We want to take this kind of energy to Europe, to demonstrate a different kind of politics that goes beyond party politics. A politics that is more human and ordinary and says, in the face of climate collapse, we can face this together.

We have candidates in both London and South West.

On 23 May please #Vote4Daze


We have three aims:

1. The Council of Ministers and the European Parliament must tell the truth and take action to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

2. The Declaration on a Climate and Ecological Emergency must demand a zero carbon Europe by a date no later than 2030.

3. National Citizen Assemblies on Climate and Ecological Justice must be instituted to oversee policy-making, including those of Planet Repairs embracing Reparations and have a leading role in shaping a zero carbon Europe.

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